Workshop maintenance being performed on an electric motor

Workshop service

Our customised workshop facility ensures that your repairs and servicing are carried out in a timely, cost-efficient manner, using only industry best practices and the highest quality equipment.

Our extensive range of engineering services are strictly carried out against our Quality Management System ISO 9001 Standards.

How it works

Our workshop facilities and services include

  • Servicing and repairs to electrical and mechanical rotating equipment – AC/DC motors, pumps, industrial gearboxes, 400Hz static and rotary generators, fans and more.
  • Motor winding surge, Hi-pot and PI testing conducted on all rewinds and overhauls.
  • In-house machining and engineering.
  • Precision-controlled winding burn out oven.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating equipment
  • Comprehensive test bay for the static and dynamic testing of AC and DC motors once repaired.
  • Rewinding of irreplaceable ad specialised machinery.
  • Modifications to suit customised applications with complete EMSPEC registry.
  • Precision winding machines with winding data analysis.
  • Dynamometer Load testing.
  • EPA-approved cleaning facilities
Electric motor being washed by pressure hose

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