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Quality. Excellence.

Like many great stories, ours began humbly.

The year is 1982 and in Mordialloc in Bayside Melbourne, EMSS (then known as Electric Motor Sales, Salvage and Rebuilding) began supplying and servicing electromechanical equipment to Australia’s largest industries.

From the very start, our hard work, quality, customer focus, innovation and expert knowledge were central to our success. We rapidly earned an enviable reputation for our expertise, both locally and further afield, keeping vital industries moving through our supply, service and rebuilding services.

Three decades later, the EMSS team works nationally and globally from our Braeside Branch. Technology has changed dramatically in these thirty years, yet our fundamental values remain unchanged. Our core commitment to innovative technology and our solutions-focus means EMSS continues to proudly lead the way.

black-and-white shot of the EMSS original shopfront in Mordialloc
EMSS employees hoisting an electric motor on chains in the workshop

Our mission is simple – to get you going and keep you going. And the way we do it adds up to the EMSS Advantage.

John Gill — Director, EMSS

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