Field service

EMSS provides specialist on-site mechanical and electrical services to industrial sites through Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Our Field Service team are highly experienced and licensed technicians. We have Quality Systems and OHS Contract Management Safety Plans in place to ensure a high level of service compliant with WorkSafe practices and any site specific requirements.

Solutions include

  • On-site repairs to motors, generators and drives
  • Fault diagnostics
  • Programmed and predictive maintenance support
  • Brush maintenance
  • Thermal imaging
  • Vibration analysis and laser alignment
  • Plant modernisation with equipment upgrades and motor efficiency packages
  • Variable speed drive installations, commissioning and upgrades
  • Electronic technical services

EMSS offers vital services to the military and aviation industry for the supply, maintenance, overhaul and breakdown response for 400Hz/28Vdc Ground Power Systems.

  • Full refurbishment of ground power units and load banks
  • Ground power unit and load bank testing
  • Dranetz power analysing
  • Repair and manufacture of complete cable assemblies 400Hz/28Vdc
  • Supply of ground power equipment and parts
  • 140KVA ground power unit hire available (with 28VDC auxiliary supply)

Ground power units currently serviced by EMSS

ADE, McColl, APM, Metcalfe, Axa, Modra, Christie Rectifiers, Northern Electric, FMC JetPower, Pillar, Hitzinger, Rotex, Hobart, Stewart & Stevenson, Houchin, Teledyne Inet, 2H Energy, Thycon, Jones & Rickard, Westinghouse, Lechmotoren.

Worker performing maintenance on electrical equipment in a workshop
EMSS on-site performing diagnostics on a vehicle
ABB 6.6KV Cocoroc

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