About the company

Over 35 years of Quality Service

EMSS, Electric Motor Sales and Service P/L, sell, service and rebuild, rotating electrical machines. We help keep the wheels of industry turning and after 35 years of continual service we do it well. Power plants, water treatment, war ships, Jumbo jets; wherever electromechanical power is required, EMSS are represented.

The business was established in 1982 and operated from the premises at 9 Centreway Mordialloc. Today this area that has been rezoned and gentrified but back then it was abuzz with the sound from trucks and fork lifts loading and unloading electric motors and generators. In 1990 the business had out grown this location and relocated to the present facility in Braeside. It is now spread over several adjoining factories.

Some of the more senior members of the company have been involved in the industry for many decades with experience and engineering expertise to match. EMSS have designed and manufactured industrial electrical equipment for both export and local consumption and the brand name is now well travelled. EMSS represent and support several European manufacturers of high quality machine and drive systems as well as specialised equipment for the commercial aviation industry.

EMSS have consistently invested in the skills development of its personnel and the success of the business is testament to its commitment. It is a business that requires multi skilled trade and technical personnel and the talents of its people are honed and encouraged.

In 1999 the business established premises in NSW and a new era in distribution and service further established a national identity.

As we move through the 21st century, EMSS has evolved into a company that facilitates solutions for a wide range of industries and as has always been the case, its people are the greatest asset on offer.