Servo Department

Servicing servo equipment has always been a significant part of the operation at EMSS and now given the multitude of brands and diversity of types appearing in the field, EMSS have updated their test and alignment equipment from reliable analogue systems to purpose built digital equipment.

Accommodating the more complex appliances being encountered, as well as the need for digital records and reports, it has been found necessary and expedient for this increased investment given the nature and trends in the industry. Customers will now receive a printout report that not only shows any corrections made but that also gives a coloured graphical depiction of the condition of various signals and alignment angles.

As part of the updating process, EMSS have enhanced the training of their personnel to more fully exploit the capabilities of this equipment including specialized training at a USA training facility. They now also have access to a more extensive international data base on alignment specifics and this gives customers more assurance as to the support they may receive now and into the future. End users often complain as to this aspect of resource information having been previously lacking in the industry.