EMSS is committed to supplying quality products and services at the most cost effective price.
We provide the complete service package from expert engineering assistance in the selection of the appropriate products, modifications to customise the products for specific applications, Installation and commissioning, Programed Maintenance, Predictive maintenance and a full scope of repair services.

Products include:

AC and DC Motors, Electronic Drives, Servo Motors, Tacho-Generators, Encoders, Gearboxes, Geared Motors, Brake Motors, Pumps, Fans, HPS Lubrication Systems, Wind Generators, Elevator Motors, Chokes, Soft Starters.

ABB AC Motors

EMSS are one of ABB's largest stockists for AC motors in Australia. ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. 

Parker Drives

EMSS offers a wide range of AC/DC drives solutions to maximize flexibility and increase performance. Parker AC/DC drive products meet a variety of industrial applications.


Our product range offers our customers greater confidence in quality and profitability. Exceptional engineering and manufacturing capabilities enables EMSS to offer industrial gearboxes across all applications.

Sicmemotori AC / DC Motors

EMSS are Sicmemotori's exclusive Australian distributors. We carry a large range of DC Motors. Compatible with any electronic DC drive, EMSS are the expert service and support centre for Europes leading manufacturers of DC Electric Motors.

Hubner Tachos

EMSS stock Germany's most popular Longlife Tacho-Generators, and Incremental Encoders manufactured by Hubner. Long Life technology was developed and patented by Hubner in 1987. Silver tracks are embedded in the  commutator, ensuring low contact resistance. This technology allows for great accuracy, even in extreme environmental conditions, and commutator and brush life that extends beyond the life of ball bearings.

Hubner Encoders

EMSS stock a range of hollow shaft Hubner Incremental Encoders. They are available with both TTL and HTL Logic. They have a solid alloy housing that provides high vibration and shock resistance, as well as IP56 protection.

These encoders come complete with a cable gland and a terminal strip for ease of connection. They also come with hardware to enable them to be easily fitted to the outside, or inside, of the fan cover on most electric motors.